LAST UPDATED 12:36PM: MCNC has been made aware of a global CrowdStrike issue. CrowdStrike has reported tracking widespread Blue Screen of Death on windows hosts, occurring on multiple sensor versions. MCNC will continue to provide updates here as they are made available. As always, we will continue provide client support as we work through this issue. CrowdStrike Updates
MCNC Research Institutions

Research Institutions

Our clients at research institutions are given a strong competitive advantage by MCNC's rich history of collaboration, innovation, and access to the Research and Education Network (NCREN) and the national research network, Internet2.

North Carolina is Built to Propel Research

Driving Innovation

North Carolina is no stranger to advanced research in numerous and diverse areas such as healthcare, clinical trials, science and technology, weather services, and a wide variation of initiatives led by some of the brightest minds on North Carolina’s research campuses.

MCNC provides services and support to several venerable anchor institutions, including the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI).

Long-Lasting Collaboration

Research institutions are one of the founding groups of users served by MCNC; hence, MCNC’s broadband infrastructure network is named the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NC-REN).

Dedicated fiber, defined by these core elements, is available for North Carolina researchers who want to build and test foundational equipment for next-generation Internet in a real-world environment.

Why do Research Institutions choose MCNC?

High-Speed & Reliable Broadband

Meets the needs of North Carolina's anchor research institutions via high-bandwidth primary and backup connections.

Proven Track Record

Research institutions were among the founding group of users served by MCNC's fiber backbone infrastructure.


The proactive, North Carolina-based Network Operations Center staff are available 24x7x365.

Client Satisfaction

MCNC's overall client satisfaction rate is over 99%.


Research institutions gain access to Internet2, a national research and education network.

Enhanced DDoS

Detects and mitigates DDoS attacks.

Our Solutions

Services and expertise to help organizations of all sizes.

Leading Innovation

Research Institutions positively impact North Carolina

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